Professor Stephen Mayson

Professor Stephen Mayson has advised law firms around the world on issues of strategy, economics, ownership and valuation.

Strategist, independent legal thought leader and advocate for social and organisational fairness, Professor Stephen Mayson helps organisations make difficult decisions in times of structural or industry change.  Famed for his unique perspective and sense of justice, Stephen is valued most of all for his ability to guide his clients in the right direction.

Stephen has a particular interest in the reconfiguration of the legal world being driven by competition and the Legal Services Act 2007, while maintaining a firm belief in the need for professional ethics and integrity in business. Stephen is known for having an independent mind, and now divides his time among policy work,and non-executive and advisory appointments.

"Pricing for value is, to my mind, one of the most critical challenges for providers of legal services at the moment. The need to understand value - from a client's perspective - and the ability to construct an appropriate pricing offer are now key attributes of a modern practitioner. Burcher Jennings brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to these crucial aspects of practice. In the interests of more effective and valuable legal services, I welcome their new venture, and am delighted to support it."