Over 300 law firms can’t be wrong!

Posted by Michelle Barron on 9th October, 2019 in Opinion and categorised in .

Pricing is rightly one of, if not the hottest topic for lawyers today. However, lawyers regularly undervalue themselves, lack pricing confidence and hate discussing money,

Are you failing:

  • by having no joined up approach to pricing across your practice?
  • to manage significant write-offs
  • by discounting to get work in
  • to listen to the client and understand what value means to them
  • to understand your own value and how this should be reflected in your price
  • to scope work correctly and document the arrangements with the client
  • to manage the project and client engagement
  • to re-frame the price and scoping where there is mission creep
  • by discounting when you have gone “over-budget”, by simply telling the client “let’s have a chat at the end”!

How can you change all this? By adopting a more sophisticated approach to pricing, through an integrated pricing policy, understanding price risk, value perceptions and offering pricing and payment choice.

Richard Burcher’s world leading pricing training delivered through Burcher Jennings, has during the last 10 years transformed more than 300 law firms in the UK and internationally, by increasing revenues and profitability, seeing the bottom line commonly increased from 10% to 25% and upwards.

The CEO of a multi-office regional UK law firm makes no secret of the fact that since engaging Burcher Jennings, his firm’s revenues have gone up by 26% despite a 10% reduction in new instructions!

Burcher Jennings offer a Pricing Taster so you can see for yourselves what this is all about and how this can dramatically increase profitability, while at the same time having happier clients. If you then decide to progress to our full Two-Day Pricing Masterclass, we will discount the cost of the Pricing Taster from the cost of the Pricing Masterclass.

It's a real investment, with each-and-every firm we've worked with showing a return on investment many multiples of the cost of the Masterclass. In short, profits are up, with happier clients. It’s a win, win!

Comments from participants who attended previous masterclasses:

“Wollen Michelmore LLP has seen huge benefits from running two Burcher Jennings pricing master classes.  The result is better service to clients, happier lawyers, and a more profitable firm – a no brainer!” Chris Hart, Chief Executive, Wollen Michelmore

“The value pricing training exceeded expectations.  Without exception, the delegates attending the training were excited and enthused about what they learnt, describing the methodologies which they came away with as ‘enlightening’ and ‘game changing” Lindsey Kidd, Partner, Hillye r McKeown LLP 

 “Our main purpose was to achieve expert guidance on our pricing strategy to remain in line with our clients’ objectives and needs. The event provided that and more...Putting what we discussed into practice has resulted in happy clients and happy lawyers and we are consistently offering bespoke solutions to clients which has strengthened our relationships with our clients.” Chris Murratt, Finance Director at  Actons

“the best course I’ve attended. It was extremely well presented, entirely relevant, and the speaker knew exactly what he was talking about and didn’t need to pad out the course with nebulous chaff. I don’t think anyone could have attended it and failed to profit. Thank you” Partner, Maidstone firm

“A Real eye opener! I was pessimistic to begin with but a full convert before lunchtime on the first day!” Partner, York firm

“The workshop was very good on many levels and was certainly very worthwhile - so much so that we have already booked another 2 days for a further 15 people...Having booked further days, I am sure that this in itself says it all!" Richard Lane, Managing Partner, Wright Hassall

“...brilliant and the content excellent” Greg Whyte, Partner, Jones Whyte Law

“Highly enjoyable, appropriate and timely” Adrian Ostler, Financial Services Manager, Tees

For more details or to discuss what we can do for you, please contact Martyn Jennings, martyn.jennings@burcherjennings.com 0870 7777 100