Precedent Q & 81st Update to CPR

Posted by Michelle Barron on 1st October, 2015 in Opinion and categorised in .

The 81st Update to CPR introduces an amendment to Part 47 requiring a breakdown of costs for each phase of proceedings be served in Precedent Q format in addition to the normal Bill of Costs.

Precedent Q has neatly been added to the list of documents to be served on the paying party on the commencement of detailed assessment proceedings (service of N252). See CPR Practice Direction to Part 47, 5.1A.

There is already debate about whether this amendment gives effect to what was intended, as the Court could equally benefit from sight of the same breakdown per phase when assessing any Bill of Costs where a budget has been served and not only in cases where a costs management order has been made. 

Many of you may be unaccustomed with the demands of preparing a full and detailed budget, but it is unlikely that you are unfamiliar with the perils of getting a budget wrong.

As a costs lawyer it is true that I have a vested interest in the advice I am about to give but all too often professional clients approach me when its just too late to help. If you are uncomfortable with what is required when it comes to costs case management and in particular preparation of Precedent H or Precedent Q then seek professional input from a trusted and experienced costs draftsman. Failing to do so could cost far more than you should be prepared to risk.