Making your firm more profitable - breakfast forum, Manchester

Date: Monday 25th September 2017
Location: 1 Byrom Place, Manchester, M3 3HG, 8.30am to 11.00am

Please join us for the third Burcher Jennings Breakfast Forum. We aim to run four Breakfast Forum meetings each year across the country. Our inaugural meeting was held in Cambridge in March, the second in Bristol in May, this one is in Manchester and will be followed by London.

There is no cost to belong to the Forum and anyone from your firm that has a serious interest (partners, management, support professionals), whatever their involvement or perspective, is very welcome.

The Forum will be on Monday 25th September when we will present a session on the topic of 'Making your Firm more Profitable'.


Nigel Haddon, Burcher Jennings Pricing specialist, ex CEO of SAS Daniels: 'Getting your pricing right and having happier clients'

  • Examining the pressure firms face in relation to fees, exploring ways to resist them from both boardroom and ‘coalface’
  • Addressing the challenges and opportunities that exist for greater profit
  • How to exploit those challenges, while exploring opportunities for innovative approaches to pricing that can strengthen client relationships and lead to your firms making more money and having happier clients
  • How to develop a suite of pricing tools that your clients will really appreciate

Mark Baker, funding specialist: ‘Using litigation finance and ATE insurance to generate fee income’

  • Value added Client Care within pricing discussions
  • A brief overview of the latest litigation loan and legal expenses products
  • When to use them to win business and how to find them

Richard Allen, leading costs lawyer: 'Profitability in an ever changing legal landscape’

  • Overview of where we are at the moment in the world of legal costs
  • Examining the current position on the proposals for Fixed Recoverable Costs
  • The mandatory introduction of the new format Bill of Costs “E-Bill” in October
  • Review of costs budgeting, proportionality and hourly rates
  • How to remain competitive in these challenging and competitive times
  • J-Codes: the advantages and to how to integrate them without costing a fortune

To register (limited to two per firm), please contact Lisa Hazell, 07739 632787.