Pricing Masterclass - 26/27 September

Date: Wednesday 26th September 2018
Location: 3 Gray's Inn Square, London, WC1R 5AH

Nigel HaddonHow well is your firm pricing it’s legal services?

Well that’s a good question, answer, possibly not too bad but could do better!

Nigel Haddon has been running pricing masterclasses for several years across the country with amazing results helping firms boost their bottom line by as much as 10% to 25%!

Why not join Nigel’s next group pricing masterclass on 26 / 27 September in London to learn just how to do this?

We know the cost will be recouped almost immediately! Click this link for details

Chris Hart, Chief Executive, Wollen Michelmore: “Wollen Michelmore LLP has seen huge benefits from running two Burcher Jennings pricing master classes.   Nigel Haddon delivered the training in an engaging manner with the benefit of his experience both as a lawyer and as a law firm CEO clearly shining through.  Following the training one of our private client partners described the master class as an “absolutely brilliant game changer!”  In the first full financial year post training we saw a 26% increase in average fees per file.  To achieve such results does require consistent effort and management post training and also a willingness to be prepared not to undertake some work that might previously have been undertaken at less than commercial rates.  The result is better service to clients, happier lawyers, and a more profitable firm – a no brainer!  We will shortly be running our third pricing master class for new joiners......."

Chris Randall, Chief Executive, Mayo Wynne Baxter: “Nigel Haddon delivered an excellent and entertaining pricing workshop to the firm which convinced even the most sceptical people in the group that there were some really positive benefits that could be achieved by using some of the ideas presented to us. Nigel has the advantage of speaking from experience and with the authority of knowing that with the right approach, and using the techniques he spoke about, considerable progress can be made in achieving better results for us and our clients."

Derek Rodgers, Managing Partner, Gardner Leader: “Even before we had finished the Burcher Jennings workshops, there was a marked change of approach from all the attendees and a real enthusiasm for the new ways of thinking which we were learning. Nigel Haddon presented the workshops in a way that was engaging, practical and convincing. I have no doubt that both we and, more importantly, our clients are going to see real and significant benefits from this.”

Chris Murratt, Managing Partner, Actons: “Having recently organised for Burcher Jenning’s pricing skill workshops to be delivered to senior colleagues, the team and I were delighted with the results and the insight gained. Our main purpose was to achieve expert guidance on our pricing strategy to remain in line with our clients’ objectives and needs. The event provided that and more. Nigel Haddon, who led the workshop was an excellent and enthusiastic presenter who clearly talked from broad practical experience, and kept everyone engaged throughout. The personalised approach offered by Burcher Jennings was invaluable as the workshop was tailored according to what would work best for our firm’s offering to all our valued clients. Putting what we discussed into practice has resulted in happy clients and happy lawyers and we are consistently offering bespoke solutions to clients which has strengthened our relationships with our clients.”

Carol Fish, Director, Cartmell Shepherd: "Thought provoking – potential to be a real game changer for the firm."

Chris West, CEO, Gillespie Macandrew LLP, Edinburgh: “Nigel's pricing session received the highest feedback of the Conference”