Joanne Powell, Costs Consultant

Joanne Powell is a Costs Consultant and Head of the London Office of Burcher Jennings.

Joanne has extensive costs experience in civil costs and Court of Protection, advocacy and training. She is a Qualified Costs Lawyer and Costs Lawyer Standards Board Accredited Trainer.

Joanne’s practice includes experience in most areas of costs work, representing both paying and receiving parties on everything from drawing bills through to post assessment.

Joanne accrued 15 years as a litigation fee earner before choosing to specialise in costs issues. This work has provided essential context to her current practice, particularly with respect to knowledge of the issues likely to arise. She works with the Government Legal Department and has led and managed costs drafting teams preparing multi track bills for major clients. Advocacy is something that Joanne has a very wide experience of, including appearing at costs management hearings.

Joanne has a multifaceted CV, from the litigation experience previously mentioned through to playing a key role in the development of cutting edge technology for the legal costs sector. She has been involved in the creation of innovative software for costs draftsmen, including testing, providing client support and presenting software training courses to clients.

With her broad experience and unique perspective Joanne is ideally positioned to be a trainer. She has designed and prepared costs draftsman training courses accredited by the Association of Costs Lawyers, as well as delivering an in depth training course for costs lawyers, which has been accredited by the Costs Lawyer Standards Board. In addition, she has provided training to an extended range of legal professionals, including prominent barristers’ chambers, the Government Legal Department and industry bodies such as the Motor Accident Solicitors Society.