Martyn Jennings, Chief Executive

Martyn is Chief Executive of Burcher Jennings and was a co founder of the original Jennings Legal Services, which he helped to established in 1989. He has been an equity partner in private practice and has played a key role in the development of the innovative national legal costs and pricing consultancy that is today known as Burcher Jennings.

Martyn’s experience is fairly unique in that it combines both the commercial and the legal.  He has worked across a broad spectrum of practice areas, from civil and family law, through to property, and this has allowed him to gain a perspective of the sector that is both broad and deep. Martyn helped to grow Jennings Legal Services (later named Jennings Costs Consultants) to one of the UK’s Top costs drafting firms and, three years ago, established debt recovery specialists Jennings Law LLP. His expertise with respect to seeking out innovative solutions that enable law firms to respond to the changing landscape of legal costs and debt recovery is well-established.

As a client facing CE, Martyn is very focused on high quality working relationships, which he believes have been fundamental to Burcher Jennings becoming a market leading practice. This is combined with recognition that the business must also nurture its own internal structure to ensure continued excellence in service delivery. As a result, the firm has opened new offices in London and Exeter and periodically recruits hand picked talent to broaden the scope of its offering even further.  Martyn has spoken publicly about the Burcher Jennings expansion:

“As the legal industry continues to evolve, we are seeing more and more law firms implementing a wider range of pricing and payment options, providing greater client involvement in determining the pricing / costs aspect of the relationship, with more transparency, certainty and predictability. Our focus is on ensuring we too remain aligned with this changing environment by continuing to develop our business and investing in high quality talent.”

Burcher Jennings’s pricing and cost innovation has proven to be cutting edge for the legal sector and initiatives such as the firm’s pricing skills workshops have made a big impact, receiving a wealth of positive feedback from firms. This year, the business has identified another area for growth, launching ground breaking funding packages for UK law firms with finance specifically tailored to legal sector needs. Everything Burcher Jennings does is designed to make the legal industry a more cost effective, efficient and forward thinking place for the firms within it and Martyn is an integral part of this.

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