Nigel Haddon, Pricing Consultant

 Nigel Haddon is a Consultant working with Burcher Jennings.  Nigel is well known for his broad experience, a commercial outlook and the ability to deliver on complex projects. He gained an LLB (hons) qualification at university, is a qualified solicitor and FCIArb (Chartered Arbitrator).

 Nigel is particular renowned for his leadership and strategy expertise and clients identify strategic direction as one of his major strengths. He also has a great deal of focused practice in pricing and mergers and acquisitions.

 With more than eight years as the Managing Partner and CEO of the regional law firm SAS Daniels LLP, Nigel comes to the role at Burcher Jennings with the kind of career context that makes him both invaluable and unique in his ability to  understand the needs of his clients. In total, Nigel has 30+ years as a practicing solicitor - at five different law firms - and led SAS Daniels through four successful mergers and acquisitions, so his understanding of the pertinent issues runs  deep.

Nigel held the position of Chair of the Law Management Section of the Law Society for three years, is Editor of the Law Management Section Merger Toolkit and Joint Editor Law Management Section Business Development Toolkit, both for the Law Society. He has also used his extensive legal and pricing experience to contribute to the ongoing development of the sector, from presenting Law Society webinars to chairing various events and supplying articles to publications such as Managing for Success and Managing Partner.

One of the ways in which those who have worked with Nigel have identified him as unique is the insight he has into both the position of a lawyer working as a lawyer, and a lawyer working as a manger, as well as the skills that are required to balance the two. He is one of the few professionals able to practically assist legal businesses to achieve transformational change.

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