Burcher Jennings is a pioneer in pricing, costs and funding – three complex areas where firms face the greatest pressures.

We are the only services provider to offer expertise in all these areas, and only we can give you a holistic, joined-up strategy for increasing profitability under these heads.

We understand your business, and are run by lawyers, for lawyers. Our overriding goal is helping firms increase their profitability: on average, firms that work with us increase their annual profits by 25%. 

Specialist Costs Drafting Services

We pride ourselves in delivering a high level of service to our clients. Our investment in people is your assurance of exceptional service. That’s why we’re the costs consultants the leading legal professionals trust. 

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Budget Intelligence

The importance of costs budgeting should be firmly at the forefront of practitioners minds. Burcher Jennings offer a wealth of technical costs experience to ensure that the costs management process is smoothly navigated.

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Funding for Growth

Burcher Jennings work with a specialist risk capital provider, backed by an international fund management group, to provide innovative, bespoke funding packages for UK law firms.

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Costs Drafting for Legal Aid Suppliers

Pricing Skills Workshops

Our pricing workshops for partners and associates have been immensely popular and we have implemented well over 300 of these workshops in a number of countries. You decide which fee earners you want to attend and we come to your offices or an alternative nearby venue of your choosing.

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Fixed Fees & AFAs

It won't have escaped any practitioners attention that there has been an inexorable move towards fixed fee arrangements. Generally speaking this has not been a development that has been enthusiastically embraced by the profession. 

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Market Pricing Data

Most law firms price on instinct not from informed research but our clients are able to set fees based on accurate market intelligence, confidently explain and justify charges and price consistently with their firm’s wider strategies.

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Legal Project Management

Legal project management is the application of the concepts of traditional project management to the control and management of all forms of legal work including property and commercial transactions and litigation. Practitioners of legal project management apply it to the mechanics and business of providing legal services rather than to the substantive legal work itself.

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Pitches, Tenders, RFPs and Procurement

It is increasingly being recognised that traditional approaches to RFP's, competitive tendering, reverse auctions and 'beauty parades' are often failing to deliver great outcomes for law firms or commercial clients. As a result, there is an appetite for innovation and fresh thinking around this process.

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Legal Process Engineering

Fee Disputes Resolution

No matter how well practitioners manage the pricing aspect of the relationship with clients, issues will still arise from time to time. This can range from a simple query from a client seeking affirmation that they have been being treated fairly on the price through to the client who is on the cusp of or has already made a formal complaint to the relevant regulatory authority.

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