Budget Intelligence

Before you spend money on additional IT solutions think carefully about how you want any costs budget to be prepared.

  • Are you confident that data can be accurately and automatically taken from your time recording system and a budget prepared?
  • Can the data be easily applied to a phase?
  • Do fee earners fully record their time, meaning the time recording is an accurate record of all time spent?
  • How do you identify and exclude irrecoverable items?

What we do

  • Burcher Jennings receive and review the file (hard copy or electronic).We then send out an assumptions questionnaire to ensure we makeappropriate assumptions.
  • We confirm what assumptions apply and produce a detailed estimate in Form H format detailing incurred and estimated costs.
  • We attempt to agree the budget with the other side and if it is not agreed can attend the Costs / Case Management Conference (CCMC) in addition to / instead of Counsel and yourselves.
  • We report on the CCMC, the revised / approved budgets and the Judge’s comments.
  • We are then well placed to prepare a Bill of Costs if necessary because the existing budget can be electronically transferred to a draft Bill. We will highlight any areas of risk and provide advice about the likely range of recovery.
  • • We then negotiate settlement of the costs and progress can be advised using regular updates via email in an agreed format.

Typically our charges remain within the permitted levels contained within CPR save in exceptional circumstances and we have not experienced any objection to our fees provided the limits are not exceeded.
As costs draftsmen we have the skills to ensure the budget is properly and accurately prepared. We strongly believe that a collaborative approach, based on personal contact with you, produces the best results. You know the circumstances and risks associated with your cases and we provide the technical costs support.

Costs budgeting can be undertaken without the need for outlay on additional IT solutions. 

Should you require assistance with any costs management issues please contact us on 0870 77 77 100 or email budgets@burcherjennings.com