Funding for Growth

​Burcher Jennings work with a specialist risk capital provider, backed by an international fund management group, to provide innovative, bespoke funding packages for UK law firms. The first of its kind, this funding initiative recognises your business needs: your access to capital can grow alongside your firm, without the restrictions associated with other forms of funding. We can also create a tailored, combined pricing and funding package.

  • Are you a firm of solicitors in England or Wales that expects to grow over the next three years? 
  • Do you have a funding requirement of between £50,000 and £10,000,000? 
  • Are you finding disbursement or costs advance funding expensive? 
  • Would you like a facility that grows with your business, which can be drawn on as and when required? 
  • Would you like to avoid making scheduled repayments of principal until you are ready to do so? 

A revolving, evergreen facility that grows alongside your business. As your firm grows, the size of the facility can be increased. You can also opt for it to automatically increase at a future date, allowing you to plan for growth knowing that the extra funding is there 

Lack of restrictions. There are no financial or change-in-control covenants, and no need for personal guarantees. 

No principal repayments are required. The principal advanced does not ordinarily need to be repaid. Instead, it can rollover for as long as the facility is in place. 

No ties to ATE providers. Who you choose to insure your cases is up to you. 

What can you use the funding for? There are no restrictions on how the funding is used - it is up to you! In addition to repaying any high cost borrowings, you might also want our funding for: 

  • supporting your work in progress, lock-up and paying disbursements; 
  • making acquisitions, opening new offices, making team hires, marketing and growing profitability; 
  • investing in IT and new technology; 
  • or even just having that little extra working capital so you don’t need to worry about those day to day expenses 

The result is that you can focus on your firm and clients. 

Contact us on 0870 7777 100 to discuss your requirements further.