Pitches, Tenders, RFPs and Procurement

It is increasingly being recognised that traditional approaches to RFP's, competitive tendering, reverse auctions and 'beauty parades' are often failing to deliver great outcomes for law firms or commercial clients. As a result, there is an appetite for innovation and fresh thinking around this process.

Both law firms and General Counsel/legal departments will often benefit from expert external assistance with the development and analysis of the pricing component of RFPs and preparation of responses to RFPs.

Increasingly, government departments, local authorities and corporates are employing formal procurement strategies where large sums of money are involved and expert advice is warranted.

A number of law firms and general counsel/legal departments have been tentatively experimenting with fixed price engagements and other Alternative Fee Agreements.  Many would benefit from expert assistance to take these to a more advanced level and to assess the economics of them, and to develop, negotiate and document these arrangements.

We are able to provide customised RFP and procurement advice and assistance to law firms, barristers, legal departments (corporate, central government and local authority).  We are also very happy to collaborate formally or informally with procurement professionals (in-house and independent).