Legal Project Management

What is Legal Project Management?

Legal project management is the application of the concepts of traditional project management to the control and management of all forms of legal work including property and commercial transactions and litigation. 

Practitioners of legal project management apply it to the mechanics and business of providing legal services rather than to the substantive legal work itself.

Legal project management is becoming increasingly common especially in law firms working under alternative fee arrangements such as fixed or flat fees, cost limits, and success bonuses.

Such cases require management of schedule, risk, and cost in a more rigorous and measured manner than firms have practiced in the past. However, legal project management is also becoming an accepted discipline for law departments and firms using hourly billing faced with the need to be more efficient in the delivery of legal services.

"But I'm a lawyer, not a project manager!"

Most lawyers are already using some LPM discilines without realising it and some are very good at it. However, without a bit of LPM training, it is impossible to reap the full benefits that LPM can deliver in terms of efficiency and profitability.

Project managers of legal work are generally the lawyers themselves rather than full-time trained project managers. We recognise therefore that legal project management must fit a world of “accidental” project managers, highly independent workers, and the various constraints imposed by the business of law as well as its practice.

We can provide legal project management development, deployment and training which is increasingly becoming an integral part of achieving optimal pricing outcomes.