Costs Drafting for Legal Aid Suppliers

Burcher Jennings are one of the few cost drafting firms who continue to offer a service to legal aid practitioners with a large team dedicated to provision of costing services in all categories of legal aid.

As one of the largest providers of legal aid costing services in the UK, we are particularly experienced in the preparation of fixed fee claims, exceptional claims and high costs claims in public and private law.

Once the system is fully rolled out, we will have the capability to undertake submission of costs using the Legal Aid Agency’s CCMS system and have been involved with assisting clients participating in the pilot scheme, meaning we already have some experience of using the system.

As part of our service we provide a completed LAA Checklist to assist you with a smooth passage to payment. We will always draw attention to matters which require attention before the claim is submitted for payment.

For those who struggle to process their own claims we may also be able to offer administrative support to assist you with obtaining payment of your claims by the LAA. This service can only be offered for files we have costed and charges are to be agreed in advance.

We offer the following:

  • CLAIM1/1A 
  • Traditional and events basis case plans
  • Bills of costs for detailed assessment
  • Post assessment forms