Specialist Costs Drafting Services

Costs Masterclass

The new Burcher Jennings Masterclass opens the door to ongoing costs competencyoffering a toolkit for firms looking to manage both the current and future challenges faced by the industry. The Masterclass can be delivered as either a 2 hour intensive session or a fully interactive half day session. Further details can be found here

Civil Litigation Team

Equipped to deal with the broad spectrum of civil litigation - from industrial disease and personal injury to possession and Inheritance Act claims - our Civil Litigation Team can assist with preparation of informal schedules, bills for detailed assessment and statements of costs for summary assessment. We are experienced in the preparation of Precedent H budgets and Precedent Q breakdowns.

Specialist High Value & Commercial Team

A Team comprising only Costs Lawyers with experience of dealing with complex or high value cases. Once a case is allocated it will not be reallocated and all steps (including negotiation and advocacy) will be carried out by the Team members. The Specialist High Value & Commercial Team assist with costs management and budgeting requirements.

Court of Protection Costs

We possess considerable experience in preparing Bills of Costs in Court of Protection matters of all size and complexity. We regularly submit bills for assessment and can ensure that any bills are speedily prepared and that post assessment queries are resolved efficiently. We are happy to undertake both full bills for details assessment and Short Form bills.

Probate Costs & Other Private Client Instructions

Our experience tells us that relying on time recording ledgers means the maximum recovery of costs is rarely, if ever, achieved. Employing our expertise undoubtedly results in a higher level of recoverable costs being claimed and ultimately a smoother path to costs recovery. With our input we ensure that every claim for costs represents a true and accurate account of the work you have done.

Negotiations & Advocacy

It is not always necessary to draft a formal Bill of costs to achieve successfulrecovery of your costs and our Negotiations Team will endeavour to recover yourcosts with a minimum of delay, whilst ensuring you maximise recovery. In someinstances it is possible to reach settlement based on an informal breakdown;when this approach is neither appropriate nor productive, our Advocacy Teamcan take you through the process of having a formal Bill drafted.

Public & Family Law Team

We have considerable experience of dealing with both private paying and publicly funded matters, with particular expertise in the preparation of High Cost Case plans. Should you secure an inter partes Order, or require assistance at detailed assessment, our Advocacy Team are available to assist.

Criminal Team

Our Team have experience of the full range of fixed fee schemes as well as ex post facto claims. The Criminal Team can also prepare claims for costs out of Central Funds and is happy to assist with preparation of appeals/representations inrelation to re-determinations.